Phyllis was married to Mickey Dank, whose vision and passion was the inspiration for the establishment of Mickey’s Kids. Phyllis is the much loved Director of Camp Evergreen, and she will be retiring from her position at Camp at the end of the Summer 2017. In her honor, and as a way to continue to celebrate both Phyllis and Mickey, we’ve named a special group of monthly Mickey’s Kids donors; the PHYLanthropists!  We hope that you will support Phyllis, engage and donate regularly, and help to sustain the positive impact of Mickey’s Kids.
Noun - a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Join her! Choose to give monthly to Mickey's Kids and become a PHYLanthropist - a special group of donors created to celebrate Phyllis and support Mickey's Kids.  A recurring gift can allow a child to breathe clean NH air for weeks, provide a summer's worth of clothing, or help them experience the thrill of their first Color War. 

ONE.   Join Our Monthly Givers - The Phylanthropists!

TWO.  Give a one-time gift today!

What Can You Give?

What Kind of Impact Could It Have on a Mickey's Kid?

Purchase a Camp sweatshirt, a baseball glove or a sleeping bag 

A trip to Weirs Beach or a summer of s'mores round the campfire

A trip to climb and stay over on Mt. Washington

A full day's program at K&E or the bus ride to and from Camp


There are two main ways you can contribute to Mickey's Kids, and help bring summer camp to a child who would not otherwise have the opportunity.  Please read on to choose!